Be the hands & feet of Jesus while improving your health with the numerous health benefits Godly Seamoss provides



What is Godly Seamoss?

Sea moss, a type of algae, grows from the rocks in the ocean, a gift from the most high. It is used to replenish your body and intensify the beauty of your skin. Sea Moss contains 92 minerals & vitamins needed for the human body. Sea moss is rich in vitamin C , iron , potassium, rich in antioxidants. Sea Moss has the capacity to increase your energy levels, rid the body of mucus, support weight loss, remove toxins, reduce inflammation, relieve muscle/joint pain, support healthy digestion, rid the body of colds, increase sexual drive and many more benefits!


What makes Godly Seamoss different from everyone else?

ALLFORGODSGLORY Godly Seamoss supports a non profit organization that helps to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
The mission is to help my people become a healthier version of themselves , consuming Godly Seamoss, while also being the hands & feet of Jesus.    
10$ of every order is given generously to KINGDOM WARRIORS ministry, we help other young adults experience the truth of who Jesus is. We honor our redeemer by stepping into our callings in faith. It is about the Kingdom & by the blood of the lamb we are saved.

Every Jar is made Fresh to Order

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